The game begins with only one instruction: "Snoop!" Read through the messages of somebody bad at keeping secrets. But who are you, and why are you snooping through this person's phone?

Recommended controls: Arrow keys.

An entry for the Bitsy "Secret" game jam.

Development log


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Hello! In mid August (exact date TBD) there is going to be a Bitsy x Flatgames show at Babycastles and I was wondering if we could show Snoop! there? Thank you!

Yeah that'd be awesome! Glad you found it interesting enough to share. I'll be watching for the date to be announced. :)

Great thank you!!

I really like this. I love seeing Bitsy games that subvert the system to act like a different kind of UI. Moving the cursor around is perfect, and the interaction with apps and messages feels great. The grey palette worked really well. Loved the power button to end the game, too.

I read the messages from bottom to top, but I got the impression they were meant to be read from top to bottom. You could maybe nudge players to do it that way by warping the cursor to the top.

The messages were a little hard to read all smushed together.  It takes a lot of effort, but you could carefully insert {br} line breaks if you wanted to clean up the way they show in the dialogue boxes.

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Yeah, I was really frustrated with how jammed up the text boxes got, but at the time, Bitsy didn't yet have the capability to add line breaks. Maybe I'll go back and tweak it now that it does.

Oh! I didn't realize the breaks were a recent feature!

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One month later, I've finally gotten around to updating the game!