It's Christmas Eve, and you're out for a stroll in the presence of memory. Wonder and wander! Tear open crunchy gift boxes! Collect coins, and your feelings, as you make your way home!

Made for the Extra Credits "Present" Winter Game Jam of 2018.

PICO-8 uses virtual buttons (X) and (O). These are mapped to your X and Z keys by default. Arrow keys move you around. Try bumping into boxes or gates to interact!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, Christmas, Exploration, Non violent, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro, Short
Average sessionA few minutes


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Very simple and nice game. I liked  the sound when you tried to move through things like trees or  rocks. It gives you the idea right away that you can't move in this direction. Which what you would expect from an arcade game like this. And I liked the heartwarming "?" messages. Good game, good job! :)


Nicely done. I find the graphics very fun. good level design, too.I would, however, add some more life to the level. animated grass?

I drew a couple of sprites to animate some of the tiles like the decorated trees and flowers, but never got around to implementing those animations. The way I set up my entities, each object on screen that animates or is interactive has to be instantiated in code. So it's a bit tedious to add new ones. But now I have an idea to modify the map data directly, which is usually just static tiles. I'll definitely be including that improvement in my next project. Thank you for playing and for your feedback. :)

nice, i totally understand that ! good job, tho


I love this! The story telling is non-intrusive.

1 improvement I can think of, is making the camera smoother. When you move 1 square, make the camera pan across. It's a bit jarring at times.

I'm pretty sure the credits song is ding fries are done. Am i right?

Yep, or Carol of the Bells if you prefer. :b

A super nice experience! I loved the writing - short and sweet. The graphics and sound are really cute and fit very well. Overall it feels very polished and I loved it. Even the ending was quite satisfying. 

Made me feel wistful!

I like this! It's really clever how you used the ? spaces to tell little stories and you used the gates to make sure the player explores and doesn't miss anything. It's short n' sweet and doesn't feel overly drawn-out.

One tiny nitpick though - when I saw the ? space at the beginning of the game, I started looking for an actual box. Then I figured it must be on the gate, but it's locked unless you put coins in, so it's not really a donation xD

Great job with this game!

A really nice, reflective little game with really crunchy boxes. I like how it's contemplative without being heavy, and yet sweet without being too saccharine. 

Thank you for playing! Everything you mentioned was just what I was aiming for, especially the crunchy boxes. :)