A downloadable Scenario

A custom scenario for the tabletop war-game C&C: Ancients. Designed by myself and my roommate Terrence Chambers in April of 2015 as an extra credit assignment for our History 379 class: Military History through Wargaming (the raddest class I’ve ever taken).

It’s modeled after an encounter between Roman and Carthaginian forces in Italy during the 2nd Punic War. Along with the scenario setup instructions, we composed two short reports for the assignment: one for our historical research, and one for our design process.

The history reads like schoolwork (because it was), so feel free to give it a pass, but I much recommend reading the design doc to get insight on how the scenario was crafted.

The instructions and map image were made using the HexBattle Scenario Editor, which unfortunately seems to be defunct / lost to time.


AF-Instructions.docx 16 kB
AF-Design.docx 22 kB
AF-History.docx 16 kB

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